Western Qatar: Camel Racetrack, Richard Serra & Rock Formations


Western Qatar: Camel Racetrack, Richard Serra & Rock Formations

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Discover the captivating attractions of the West Coast of Qatar, where natural wonders and cultural delights await. Experience the thrill of Sahaniya Camel Racetrack, where the majesty and speed of these magnificent creatures take center stage in traditional races.

Venture further into the mesmerizing desert landscape, where a mushroom-shaped formation stands as a unique testament to the forces of nature's artistry. As you continue your journey, encounter the thought-provoking Richard Serra sculpture, which graces the desert sands with its striking presence.

The West Coast of Qatar beckons with its blend of awe-inspiring landscapes and artistic expressions, offering an unforgettable adventure for those seeking to explore the diverse facets of this enchanting region.




  •  Sahaniya Camel Race Track
  •  Desert Mushroom Rock Formation
  •  Zekreet Village & Historical Fort
  •  Richart Sherra (East/West - West/East) Sculpture
  •  Seikh Faishal Museum – Outer view and photo stop.



Whats Included:

  •        Pickup and Drop-off Services.
  •        Insurance.
  •        Certified Tour Guide.
  •        Visit Camel Racing Track.
  •      Bottle Water
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